GALAXY NOTE 10 واقي الشاشة 【2+2 حزمة】 مع واقي عدسة الكاميرا [زجاج ثلاثي الأبعاد] بصمات الأصابع متوافقة تسهيل التثبيت 9H واقي شاشة زجاجي من Samsung Galaxy Note 10

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▲Fit for: Galaxy Note 10 Screen Protector 2+2 Pack

▲Why can"t I use my fingerprint?
① Use an incorrect installation method and fail to follow our instructions or video prompts.
② When installing the protector, the fingerprint position is not tight.
③The mask was dusty after being removed, and it was not cleaned or installed in time.
▲Choose 2 places, the touch will be more sensitive
『step Ⅰ :
Settings→Accessibility→Interaction and dexterity→Touch and hold delay (open--0.5 seconds)
『Step Ⅱ:
Settings→Display→Touch Sensitivity (on)
▲* Note * Fast and easy installation - no bubbles.
① The product packaging has our professional installation video.
② Please watch the installation video before installation, because it requires some simple skills to install perfectly.
③ Please install the screen protector in a windless and dust-free environment.
④ Use the provided damp cloth and dry cloth to clean and dry the screen.
⑤ Tightly squeeze the edge of the film for about 30-40s to prevent the edge from lifting. (IMPORTANTLY)
⑥ After installation, please delete the original fingerprint of the phone and record the fingerprint again.
⑦ If you have any questions, please contact OttarScreen after-sales service in time, and you will get a quick answer.
▲Package includes:
❶Screen protector x2
❷Camera lens protective film x2
❸Dry Wipe x2
❹Wet Wipe x2
❺Dusf-absorber x2

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