Google Nest Mini 2nd Gen - مكبر صوت ذكي مع ضمان SG + علامة أمان - Spotify / مساعد Google / ضمان محلي SG

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  • White/Chalk
  • Red/Campari/Coral
  • Blue/Como/Aqua


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Warranty Duration:12 Months
Warranty Type:Manufacturer Warranty
Input Connectivity:Wifi
Bluetooth Function:Yes
Smart Speaker:Yes
Connection Type:Wireless
Virtual Assistant:Google
Safety Mark:180600-11 / 190351-11

Google Nest Mini - 2nd Generation
(Latest Version, Wall Mountable, Bluetooth Enabled)

💡 Product Introduction
Meet the Nest Mini, the smart speaker you control with your voice.
Just say "Hey Google" to ask your Google Assistant about the weather, news, or almost anything.

Explore what you can do with Google Nest or Home devices, see:

Brand New Set in Original Google Packaging from directly from Authorized Distributors.

US Set - Export Set from USA (Not Available)
SG Set - Local Set from Google Authorized Distributor with SG Safety Mark (SG/UK Plug)

⚠️ Google Nest Mini is not powered by USB Cable.

🛡️ Warranty
SG Set - 1 Year Warranty directly from Local Google Distributor
US Set - 180 Days Shop Warranty
1:1 Exchange Only with Proof of Fault Required. No Cash Refunds.
Standard Google Warranty Procedures and Terms Apply

⚙️ Setup
Easy setup with Google Home App with your Android or iPhone
Website guide is provided with purchase

➡️ Shipping
All orders are generally sent out by next business day
Delivery will take 1-3 days after pickup by courier service.


❓ FAQ ❓

Q: What is the difference between SG/US Set?
A: No difference in functionality. US Set comes with OEM SG Adapter. SG Set comes with Original Google SG Adapter. Google Assistant Functionality is based on your Google Account and not device type. SG Account = SG Features.

Q: Is my device compatible with my WiFi Network?
A: Device is compatible with most regular WiFi 802.11b/g/n/ac networks with password as authentication method. Corporate/office/school/public WiFi networks may not be supported - please contact your WiFi Network Administrator for assistance.

Q: Do you help with setup?
A: No. It is very easy to setup with Google Home App on Home WiFi Network.

Q: Is my smart home device compatible?
A: If it supports Google Assistant, it should be compatible. Contact your smart home manufacturer for setup or integration guide.

Q: Do I need to worry about the US Plug (voltage, pin, etc.)?
A: All sets sold by SIMCard.SG comes with local plug for SG use.

Q: How long is warranty?
A: 1 Year Local Distributor Warranty from date of purchase for SG Set & 6 Mths Store Warranty for Export Set. Warranty replacement must be approved by Google after standard verification and troubleshooting procedures.


We do not any provide setup assistance, product support or guarantee compatibility with your devices. The device is compatible with most regular Home WiFi Networks. Contact Google Nest Support or the Smart Device Manufacturer for assistance on any setup or software compatibility issues. We do not take responsibility, provide refunds or compensation for issues caused by Google"s Software or Services or any third party product or with your WiFi.

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Color White/Chalk

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Color Red/Campari/Coral

258.00 ر.س 361.00 ر.س

Color Blue/Como/Aqua

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