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  • Standard White
  • Standard Black
  • Enhanced White
  • Enhanced Black
  • Bluetooth White
  • Bluetooth Black


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Audio Compatibility:PC & Laptop
Bluetooth Function:Yes
Smart Speaker:No
Connection Type:Wired
Safety Mark:1

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Product name: computer Bluetooth & wired speaker

Product Specifications:
Color classification: white / black
Product line length: 1.3 meters / 1.6 meters

Product Categories:
Standard version: high-definition full-range speaker, lossless sound quality, the main line is 1.3 meters long
Enhanced version: high-quality bronze speakers, 3D stereo sound effects, the main line is 1.6 meters long
Upgraded version: dual diaphragms and dual speakers, 4D shocking stereo sound, the main line is 1.6 meters long。Bluetooth connection, wired connection, two ways to choose

Product size: 64*61*86mm
Net weight: about 265g
Input power: DC5V
Signal to noise ratio: ≥80db
Power supply: USB DC5V
Frequency response: 25Hz-20KHz
Input interface: 3.5mm stereo input
Volume adjustment: wire-controlled volume adjustment

1. Surround sound effect, shock the bass.
2. Small size, does not occupy the desktop.
3. Low power does not cost electricity.
4. Wire-controlled volume for easy adjustment.
5.USB power supply, 3.5mm headphone jack, widely compatible with most electronic devices in the market.
6.Bluetooth connection, wired connection, two ways to choose

The package includes:
Pair of speakers

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Color Standard White

41.00 ر.س 57.00 ر.س

Color Standard Black

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Color Enhanced White

168.00 ر.س 235.00 ر.س

Color Enhanced Black

168.00 ر.س 235.00 ر.س

Color Bluetooth White

51.00 ر.س 71.00 ر.س

Color Bluetooth Black

206.00 ر.س 288.00 ر.س

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